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Shades of Magic

Daughters of the Craft Book 1

The good, the bad and the Grey…

Kalista Blackthorn is one of three Grey Witches attending the prestigious Kingsbridge University, a place where supernaturals blend in with unsuspecting humans. When female co-eds begin to go missing, it's quickly apparent that a supernatural is responsible. 

Everyone is a suspect, even the ancient warrior that Kalista is unnaturally compelled towards. Ragnar ignites the darkness in Kalista that she has been desperately keeping at bay since she was a young girl. Their romance seems doomed before it even starts, but some bonds even death can't erase. 

Soon, it becomes clear that the witches are being blamed for the women's deaths. Can they find the killer and clear their names? Or will the dark power threatening everyone on campus destroy them all?

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Shades of Reality

Daughters of the Craft Book 2

Life at Kingsbridge University is business as usual after the murders of the missing girls are solved. The Grey Witches are still feared and the blending of otherworldly creatures with the witches severely frowned upon.

Willow Maddox is locked in her own internal mental prison. The only person able to reach her is the demon, Devin. When her family learns of her attraction to this dark being, in desperation, they send the Grey Witch she's been promised to wed. Sparks fly but not the sort her family is hoping for.

Secrets the coven have kept hidden from the girls come to the surface. What do you do when you can’t even trust your own family? Can they find balance with their new roles or will they decide to break away from their coven and form an allegiance of their own?

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